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Established in May 1990, Franco-Asian Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd (FAE) has emerged as a leading force in sourcing and distributing wholesale products across Asia and Africa. We specialize in a diverse range of goods, including fast-moving consumer goods, toiletries, home appliances, and more.

Over the years, we have curated an impressive portfolio of successful brands, all geared towards long-term benefits for all stakeholders involved. Our experienced management team, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the African market, has positioned us as a respected supplier to importers in Africa and beyond. Our customers rely on us for quality products, as well as assistance in marketing, technical support, financial guidance, and legal expertise.

Drawing upon our professional expertise in sourcing and distribution, we excel in securing high-quality products at competitive prices. From our inception, we have fostered exclusive agreements and maintained unwavering honesty in our dealings with customers and suppliers, establishing a foundation of trust that endures today.

With our vast distribution channels, FAE serves as an ideal partner for global suppliers seeking to explore new business prospects throughout Africa and Europe. Our extensive reach and established networks make us a reliable and strategic collaborator for those aiming to expand their presence in these markets.

Securing Valuable Business Relationships Between Asia And Africa

The company has successfully cultivated and strengthened valuable business relationships between Asia and Africa, showcasing its expertise in this domain.

By leveraging Singapore as a strategic hub for sourcing networks, we capitalize on the efficiency and reliability of the shipping and banking systems in Singapore to provide extensive support to our customers in Africa and Europe.

We’re More Than A Trading Company

We help our customers source for best-suited products for the targeted market segmentation.

Our house brands give us better control management and flexibility to meet that purpose, and having our brand provides us with the flexibility to do that.

Through years of experience, marketing research and knowledge, we help unearth our brand’s identity and position.

Our brand deserves a winning strategy.

Building Brands for Africa and Beyond

With an established international network, our team of marketing, sales, procurement and logistics experts source, create and develop global and local brands.

Through the combination of product development, trade services, distribution enhancement and logistics solutions, we help our import and export partners develop brands across continents from Africa and beyond with a single point of contact.

Meet Our Managing Director

Message from MD

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in a small one-room office in Singapore to establishing our presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Today, we proudly stand as one of the most successful trading companies operating in Africa, serving as a dedicated partner to our esteemed customers across the globe.

Undoubtedly, our success is firmly rooted in the trust our customers place in our team, products, and brands. At Franco-Asian Enterprises, ambition and passion drive every aspect of our business, from HR to Finance, Sales, and Logistics. We are committed to delivering the finest products and services tailored to our customers’ unique requirements.

To us, each customer is an extension of our family, and we remain steadfast in providing unparalleled support and expertise to propel their growth and shared success.

In these challenging times and ever-evolving business landscapes, it is crucial to rely on the people you trust to help you achieve your goals. We sincerely hope to welcome you to our business community, where together, we can develop winning strategies that will endure for many years to come.

Julien Bely
Managing Director

Franco-Asian Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd

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